is a leading distributor of PDF files containing questions and answers updated in accordance with the CMFAS latest syllabus.


How fast can I get these PDF files?
After payment via Paypal/Credit/debit card, you can immediately download and save the PDF files to your PC/tablet/mobile. No account registration is required with us.

How updated are your questions and answers?
In order to keep our questions relevant to your exam syllabus, we regularly update our question banks. The exact date of our last update is posted on the top left corner of this page.

What kind of quality can I expect of the questions?
Our questions are written by professionals and experts in their specific field of expertise whom we pay a fee for their services. In turn, we charge you a small percentage of this fee to cover our costs. Ultimately, what you get is saving many hours of studying for a little bit of money.

I made payment already but accidentally closed my browser/lost internet connectivity. What do I do?
If the transacted amount has successfully been credited to us, your PDF files will automatically appear under Purchase History.

How do I make further enquiries?
Please feel free to Contact Us. We will reply to you within the same day (even on public holidays!)

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